How to set up LobbyGod on Playstation 4

Looking to set up LobbyGod on PS5? Click here.

Video Guide:

Text Guide:

Step 1:

On your PlayStation, visit the Settings menu and select Network.

Step 2:

Choose to "Set up an internet connection", select how you usually connect - Wi-Fi or Wired. Then select Custom.

If you connect with Wi-Fi, choose your regular Wi-Fi connection to continue.

Step 3:

- Choose Automatic for IP Address Settings

- Choose Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name

- Choose Manual for DNS Settings

Fill in the Primary DNS and Secondary with the following:

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

- Choose Automatic for MTU Settings

- Choose Do Not Use for Proxy Server

Step 5:

Once you have done so, click Next to test the connection.

Step 6:

Once complete, restart your PlayStation and select a location on our dashboard -

IMPORTANT - Make sure the device you are visiting the dashboard from (for example your phone) is connected to the same network as your PlayStation.

Final Step:

Launch the game and confirm that your in-game location changed. You can learn how using our quick guide.

That's it! If your location has changed in-game you are all set. If your in-game location does not change please get in touch with us over on Discord or by emailing

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