Why do I need to enable LobbyGod on my network

For us to know that you have a valid subscription we link your account to your IP. This way LobbyGod will be enabled on every gaming device you configure our DNS servers with. If you have not set up a device yet you can learn how to do so here.

For example:

  • Your IP is
  • You sign up to LobbyGod and create your subscription.
  • Any gaming device coming from will now be recognized as having a valid subscription attached and will benefit from LobbyGod.

In some cases when checking your account on be.lobbygod.com you may notice that LobbyGod is not enabled on your network. This can happen in a few cases:

  • Your IP changed - This can happen after internet/power outages or when your ISP periodically changes the IP's for its customers which is completely normal. Just use the "Activate LobbyGod" button to re-associate your new IP to your account.
  • You are visiting be.lobbygod.com while using a VPN - Using a VPN changes your IP to one that we do not recognize. Make sure to turn OFF your VPN and refresh the page to confirm LobbyGod is enabled on your network.
  • You are visiting be.lobbygod.com while on a different network like a mobile network or at a different location than usual - For example, you are a at a friend's home. If you would like to activate and use LobbyGod on this network simply use the button.

In general if something isn't working we first suggest double checking be.lobbygod.com to confirm LobbyGod is enabled on your network.

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